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Our Process

Development of Ritual Skin Care Products

Professional Aesthetician Jennifer Fond adds the most important ingredient to Ritual Skin Care - Knowledge.  She is an aesthetician, licensed in New York and Connecticut, sharing her knowledge of caring for skin from years of hands-on experience and direct knowledge in the skin care industry.

Working the broad spectrum of perspectives in the beauty industry from Full Service Day Spas, Medi-Spas, Laser Centers and experience servicing Celebrity clientele, Jennifer’s direct contact and experience with top skin and body care products (and technology such as lasers) convinced her that there was something missing in the existing skincare product market. Jennifer worked through years of trial and error, trying various  brands and forms of skin care products herself, while hearing the individual skincare concerns of her friends and clients. During those years of listening to requests for help and concerns with products that didn’t deliver, for clients with skin conditions like acne, rosacea, scarring, sun damage, as well as clients looking for relief from concerns of aging. Jennifer did the research and found individual solutions that really help. Jennifer actually began to create these skin care solutions in her kitchen. She concocted products that ranged from calming serums of linden and lavender for rosacea to a willowbark and neem cream for clients suffering from painful acne. As a result of her long hours and dedicated work, Jennifer found solutions for each condition. Each of her products were (at first) very focused, to create specific tinctures and tonics, but there became a more common theme; most people with specific skin conditions responded to specific ingredients. The results were evident:

The challenge to skincare is trying to stabilize the ph of the skin. 

It was easy to create a skin care remedy to naturally balance the ph of the skin with many herbs, botanicals, fruit acids, enzymes and essential oils. Targeting the skin condition, i.e. acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, etc. is different for each person but can be treated with the same groups or species of plants, marine life, and other herbs and minerals.  Getting to know how to use what grows in our back yards and around our planet, well, that’s just passion.

Each ingredient in our Ritual Skin Care products has been researched, selected and used by Jennifer herself, (and now by hundreds of her happy Ritual Skin Care clients)  to ensure safe, effective products, created to promote balance and achieve skin health for all.

By working in a major metropolitan area (good ol’ NYC; a healthy cross-section of our American population), Jennifer stays current with what is new and doing well in the Skincare market. The response from clients was so positive, that it propelled Jennifer to further reach beyond her clientele and offer her knowledge to the public, through Ritual Skin Care products online.

Life ~ Beauty ~ Truth