Life ~ Beauty ~ Truth
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Ritual Skin Care products are made with all natural ingredients. Paraben free, Sulfate Free and Synthetic Fragrance Free.

Our products are sold with a story that enhances the experience of use.  Passion and determination to help others was the impetus and still is, for Jennifer Carpentier Fond, the creator of Ritual Skin Care products.

Jennifer Carpentier Fond is a Licensed Esthetician in New York and Connecticut, specializing in treatment of the skin. During her over 20 years of professional experience, she has helped thousands of women, men and teens improve the condition and appearance of their skin. Jennifer is experienced and certified in Laser and Advanced Skin Care Technology and specializes in product ingredient knowledge.

Not satisfied with results achieved by some of the skin care products available for her use in caring for her client’s skin, Jennifer researched and developed skin care products that would provide the results her clients wanted and needed.

Jennifer’s uniqueness and quality of compassion that she brings to each skincare client conveys the feeling that everyday personal care routines are not mundane, rather a TRUTH about LIFE infused with BEAUTY.